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Make your messages brilliant and very special! Use PostSmile to place smiley faces
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21 July 2009

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Make your E-mails more emotional, compassionate and bring smiles to your loved ones faces with PostSmile.
Some emotions cannot be written down, in such case you need something which will express your heart, in such case this program will prove very useful. This program works with all e-mail clients and web-based mail system that support HTML messages. Insert emotions, animations, and fun smiley faces to your messages. You can insert the smiley by just drag and drop method or the point and click method. This program has smileys, images and signatures organized categorically. The smileys are divided into; general, sad, jolly, romantic, action and miscellaneous categories. You could even make your own emotions, images, animations, signatures and make your own original pack. This easy to use and easy to set up program makes your e-mails stand out from the others.
Now there is no chance of misunderstanding what you want to communicate, your expressive PostSmile will tell everything.

Publisher's description

Do you want to make your emails more interesting, fun or get your message stand out from the others. PostSmile makes it easy to add fun to your email!
Use PostSmile to place Smiley Faces and Animated Emoticons, Photos and Pictures, Text Snippets and HTML code, Famous Quotes and Personal Signatures into your Email Letters, Web Forum and Message Board Postings.
This is very easy! Just Drag and Drop an image from PostSmile into Your Message. That's all with it!
The program offers a wide variety of original artist-created pictures that are sure to leave no one indifferent. But, you don't have to stop there! You can add into PostSmile your own smileys, pictures and photos, or collect smileys and pictures from other Internet web-sites.
You can drag images from Internet web-sites or from your hard drive and drop them into PostSmile!
Our artists have created for you hundreds and hundreds of great emoticons. There are more that 3'500 Premium Smiles in PostSmile Premium Extras. And we publish new creations regularly.
With PostSmile you also can create your Personal Handwritten Signature and then use it at the bottom of your email.
PostSmile can also be very useful as a tool when using the Text/HTML signature feature. You can use it to save special signatures for adding text you often include in your email. You can use famous sayings, for example, as PostSmile signature files and include them at the bottom of your email. You can combine images and text and make your own original signature!
If you want to say more - say it with PostSmile! Make your messages brilliant!
Version 6.11
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